Silicon-Waffle Hot Yoga Towel

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Supplier: Majisports
Type: Hot yoga towel with silicone waffles

Yoga Towel for Silicone Waffles

Size: 24 "x 72" (609mm x 1828.8mm)

* The best yoga towel for hot yoga and vinyasa flow yoga

* Take Action as a substitute for the yoga mat in case of trouble or fits perfectly on the yoga mats

* The silicone surface provides a fast drying experience and super absorption

* The surface with Silicone stretch marks provide better traction than standard wet or dry microfiber towels

* The tightly woven fibers encrusted with silicone produce a soft suede feeling on your feet

* Superior absorption and traction of moisture: provides a hygienic surface between you and your mat

* Moisten with water before practice for better traction

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