What equipment do you need for yoga?

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If you plan to start practicing yoga in the hall or at home, you will need a minimum set of yoga equipment. What equipment is necessary for practicing yoga, how to choose it correctly?

For the first visit to a yoga class in the club you will not need anything but comfortable clothes and a mat. Buying a rug is not a prerequisite, in all the centers they are rented for the duration of the lesson. However, your personal yoga mat is needed for reasons of hygiene and thoughts about the future, the mat will accompany you on each training. For yoga practitioners fans this part of equipment is most important.

A good yoga mat should ensure a high adhesion of the body to the surface. If the hands and feets will glide, the fulfillment of many “asanas” will become dangerous. The higher the quality of the mat, the less will stretch. The thickness of the mat for classes in the centers or house should be at least 6 mm. No need to save on the cost of the rug, with the practice of medium intensity, quality product will serve at least 3-4 years. If you use a mat with a towel spread over it, it will last much longer, the towel absorbs sweat, washing it much easier than the mat.

Then, you have to think about buying other equipment for yoga, with own cushions, belts, pillows and other devices with you can practice not only in the studios, but also at home.

Major equipment for yoga, after mat, are devices that help the body to take and hold the right position. Including bricks, rollers, zafus and bolsters. Also straps and ropes for yoga are. Without these devices newcomers can not qualitatively perform “asanas” with twisting and in the position of lying on the back, inverted asanas, tilting forward and even taking right position to relax without the use of equipment will be difficult.

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